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Shower Products

  • Needle Jet Nozzle

    Needle Jet Nozzle

    Needle jet nozzle is used for cleaning and washing forming fabrics and press felts. High quality machining assures a perfect straight jet orifice, with smooth inside surface for superior solid stream performance. The nozzle design, with the orifice inlet in a ...


  • Fan Nozzle

    Fan Nozzle

    Fan Nozzle uses 303ss or 316ss material with sizes for all applications. Its flat spray pattern distributes the liquid as a flat or sheet type spray. It has uniform distribution over a wide range of flow rates and pressures. Besides, its specially tapered spra...


  • Edge Trimming Nozzle

    Edge Trimming Nozzle

    Sharp, straight water jets are produced by these specially designed nozzles, to precisely trim the sides of a paper web. All edge trimming nozzles are available with brass body and tip, and with a stainless steel filter on the feed side. Orifices available wit...


  • Shower Products

    Shower Products

    Fabric and felt cleaning is one of the most common applications for shower headers, but many additional jobs can be performed. Examples are: for cleaning suction and grooved rolls, for paper formation, for re-moisturizing, for trimming paper web and for lubric...


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