About us

Anhui Towin Machinery Co., Ltd is established with the joint investments of HNHX Paper Machine Fabrics Co., Ltd, AHHC Paper Machine Fabrics Co., Ltd and DERY Engineering Co., Ltd, located in Wuhu ETDZ, Anhui Province. HNHX was founded in 1999 and AHHC was founded in 1989. Both of them are the specialized manufacturers of paper machine clothing and industrial fabrics. DERY supplies custom-designed machinery to paper mills and other industries from 2009 when it's founded. ATMC will contribute to the designing, manufacturing and selling of paper machine clothing, pulp machinery, paper machinery and tyre machinery. Meanwhile, based on the advanced manufacture platform of the three parent companies, along with its product diversity, short production period and high quality, we'll mainly promote the application of forming fabrics, dryer fabrics, felts and other industrial fabrics in international markets. ATMC’s synthetic fabrics and metallic wires are engineered to perform in process critic...
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